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Hey there! Are you in the right place?

If you answer yes to any of the below then I believe you are:

  • You want to add an extra $100K to your existing photography business (because who doesn't right?)

  • You are looking to generate an income between school drop off & pickup (because you have a family to feed)

  • You want photograph houses, buildings & architectural features (architecture is awesome of course!)

  • You're not getting anywhere watching YouTube videos and you want to learn ONE clear system (Yep been there!)

I don't want to bore you with my story!

So here is the condensed version...

My name is Nath and I don't take myself too seriously. I am a single dad living in Australia with my two beautiful kids. I have been a commercial photographer for over 25+ years, and more specifically an Architectural Photographer for the last 6 years. I have photographed thousands of houses, I have published 2 x books and I have run multiple successful companies – there is more information on me towards the bottom of this page but for now, let's focus on you!!

Why am I here?

I went from running a Graphic Design/Photography studio for 13yrs and feeling completely burnt out working 10hr days 5 days a week, to now working an average 3 day week out in the sunshine earning more money shooting Real Estate. It feels awesome, and I'd like to show you how I did it so you can do it for yourself.

This is exactly how I can help you...

Background Story

We can all relate to stories right! See how Nathan managed to design and create a completely new lifestyle as a Real Estate Photographer, one full of flexibility, crazy amounts of free time and a high repeat income every week (powered by a possible coffee addiction).

This lifestyle didn't happen by chance, it was literally DESIGNED using "Your Game Plan" covered in the next module.

Your Game Plan

Be inspired & think BIG! Choose what hours/days you want to work, what level of income you want to achieve, or the life balance you want for your family, this is where the magic happens. Using the interactive workbook, this is the most important step underpinning your success as a Real Estate Photographer.

Camera Equipment

Designed from the ground up to maximise efficiency with minimal equipment onsite and minimal cost outlay, no need for any flash or lighting equipment. Learn the exact equipment you need to produce consistent high quality images that will allow you to charge the highest rates in your area and guarantee you repeat work each week (because every photographer wants to be light on their feet!)

Camera Settings

Besides all the usual suspects like Aperture, ISO, Shutter, White Balance, RAW, Self Timer, Bracketing & Grid System (which are all covered in great detail), learn how to use these in combination as part of a bigger system that delivers consistent high quality images every time (ie the ShootMAX Framework).

ShootMAX Framework

The ShootMAX Framework is a refined process bringing together over 25+ years of commercial photography experience, designed for consistent workflow and mitigation of errors onsite. It is a 9 step blueprint that encapsulates all settings and equipment outlined in the previous modules. It's the WOW factor that creates raving fans and 5 Star Reviews.

How to Shoot Real Estate

The exciting part! Putting all of your learning into practice as you follow Nathan through a real life example holiday house. This is where you build your confidence, learning exactly what to do when you turn up to your first shoot. Learn how to setup a house, how to specifically photograph each room of a house, as well as capturing the essence of a house with vignettes and dusk photography.

It is the exact system Nathan used to launch his current business back in 2018 that generated an average $1,396 (Australian Dollars) per week in the first 6 months, and then $2,173 per week over the next 6 months, all while working an average 3 days per week.

TOTAL Combined Value $1,870

What students say:

Julijana Griffiths

My experience with this course has been fantastic! Nathan has been incredibly helpful, always available to answer any questions I've had. It's evident that he's genuinely passionate about helping others succeed. The course itself is clear and concise, with Nathan's teachings providing a straightforward path forward. His systematic approach breaks everything down into manageable steps, covering all the necessary information to get started. I highly recommend this course!

Alan Neilson

Hey Nathan, I'm just getting started with my real estate photography business and I can't thank you enough for your incredible course. It came at the perfect time for me and I was so inspired you. I love your style. You rock, Sir. Much respect and best wishes.

Caleb Stewart

My experience inside this course has been amazing! Nathan has helped with any questions I’ve had and I can feel he is truly passionate about helping people. The course itself is straight forward and to the point. The systems that Nathan teaches makes the whole process easy, it’s broken down into steps that cover everything you need to know to get started. I highly recommend this course!

Today I am also including these BONUSES...

Quickly Build Your Portfolio & Website
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The fastest way to photograph your entire portfolio in just one day to attract your dream clients! Learn the power of plug and play website templates to quickly build your online presence to start getting paid work.

Outsourcing Your Editing (Where the MAGIC Happens!)
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Stop wasting your time editing your own photos! WIN back your free time and remove the stress of late night editing. Learn how to screen & work with your new editing team that will deliver consistent, vibrant, sharp images that your clients will love – ensuring repeat cash flow each week.

Fast Floor Plans With Minimal Equipment
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The simplest way to quickly create floor plans in under 30 mins that massively increase your daily profits!

WIN Your Very First Clients
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See how easily you can WIN your first clients with this unbeatable proven method that has Real Estate Agents saying YES every time. Create your database and learn to craft your offer with the right mindset using the downloadable templates.

All future course updates!

You get lifetime access to the course including all future updates of this course.

TOTAL Combined Value $2,829

Meet your teacher

Nathan Devine

Architectural Photographer

Nathan Devine as been a commercial photographer for over 25+ years and has built and operated multiple companies for over 19 years, including two Photography & Graphic Design studios. He is a published author/entrepreneur and his book Retrash, which promoted the reduction of waste globally through upcycling, was featured in the New York Times as well as being a guest speaker at Google Headquarters Sydney.​

His current dedicated Real Estate photography business has achieved great success which is reflected in the companies multiple 5 star Google Reviews. Nathan has a simple mission, to show other photographers how they can thrive as a Real Estate Photographer working an average three day week – allowing for a lifestyle full of flexibility and freedom to do the things in life we truly desire.

Nathan has been featured in

The 30 Day Personal Guarantee


How long have you been putting off the dream lifestyle you want to live? Are you happy in your current state?  

Best case scenario

You complete this course and you have a new and exciting career that you are passionate about, you feel happy, inspired and driven. You are a confident Real Estate Photographer who earns $2,000 or more per week and has 4 days off per week, completely transforming your life. WIN WIN!!

Worse case scenario

You complete the course, and for whatever reason you decide it’s not of value to you, you get your money back and you get all the training for free. Fair enough? That’s my guarantee and I stick by it, if you’re not happy I’m not happy! Just send me an email and I’ll refund your money no questions asked.

Both of these scenarios above are risk free, the only thing guaranteed to not help you, is by not taking any action at all.

The reason why my students have had so much success after completing this course, is because I am personally committed to providing you with all of the tools necessary to succeed. I’m not just a course creator trying to sell you a course, I’m literally showing you inside my business to give you everything you need to support you in becoming a Real Estate Photographer. I wouldn’t give this guarantee unless I was 100% confident that the content I am providing is of EXTREME value, I know it is because of the feedback I get all the time from my students that have completed this course, as well as the 5 star reviews I receive from my clients from the demonstrated use of the same system.

I am here for you during the course and after the course, because I genuinely want you to succeed. See you on the inside!

Nathan Devine

Limited Time BONUSES – All included in this offer!!

Join today to access these Limited Time BONUSES which are never for sale individually or available anywhere else other than through this offer.

A Quick Personal Note: As a full time Photographer I only have the capacity to accept 15 students at a time for coaching as my time is limited (I have 2 beautiful kids that I want to be present for!). This ensures that I can accommodate the level of value inside the private community group to offer support and feedback. Once these spots have been filled, this offer will close until the next opening. If you see it listed below it is still currently available.


ONE ON ONE Coaching (Capped at 15 students at a time)
– Valued at $239

Get the support you need straight from the course creator! Nathan Devine is an architectural photographer with over 25+ years experience. Contact Nathan through the private Community Group or email him directly with any questions you may have.

$2,000 Per Week – Sales Targets SPREADSHEET
– Valued at $260

This is very spreadsheet Nathan uses in his business to set his sales targets. You will be amazed at how powerful this is to keep you on track to quickly manifest & build wealth.

– Valued at $97

Take the ShootMAX Cheatsheet with you on your photoshoots to easily reference, to support you onsite and build your confidence.

Interactive Daily Shoot List TEMPLATE
– Valued at $237

Organise your shoot schedule the night before by using this template to add important photoshoot and client information which streamlines your workflow for each day.

TOTAL Combined Value $833

You Get Everything!

Real Estate Photography MASTERCLASS

  • Your Game Plan

  • Camera Equipment

  • Camera Settings

  • ShootMAX Framework

  • How to Shoot Real Estate


  • Build Your Portfolio & Website

  • Outsourcing Your Editing

  • Fast Floor Plans

  • How To WIN Your First Clients

  • All future course updates

Limited Time BONUSES

  • ONE ON ONE Coaching

  • Sales Targets SPREADSHEET

  • 9 STEP ShootMAX Workflow

  • Interactive Daily Shoot List

Total Value $5,532

Normally $497

Pay Once, Enjoy Forever – Including All Future Updates!

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You Get Everything!

Real Estate Photography MASTERCLASS

  • Your Game Plan – Planning Your Success

  • Camera Equipment

  • Camera Settings

  • ShootMAX Framework

  • How to Shoot Real Estate

Total Value $1,870


  • Build Your Portfolio & Website

  • Outsourcing Your Editing

  • Fast Floor Plans

  • How To WIN Your First Clients

  • All future course updates

Total Value $2,829

Total Value $4,699

Normally $1,490



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